Project 365 2014: Day 228 Keleti


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Still images do not have to be motionless, surprising and beautiful movement from still images.

Project 365 2014: Day 45 Moon River


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Budapest Danube Panorama

Thank you for visiting my site, I am a British Photographer now based in the heart of the Hungarian Great Plain. Driven by my location I primarily indulge myself with Nature/Landscape photography although I have a great passion for photographing ‘human performance, whether that be live music/dance or sporting endeavour.

I’m never happier than when I am strolling or more recently ‘mopeding’ around the Hungarian Great Plain with my camera slung around my neck. I never seem to tire of a landscape that many would describe as dull and featureless but to me the landscape is different every time I head out and the ‘huge’ Hungarian sky plays the perfect foil to the flat and infinitely coloured landscape.

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Catch up with my latest photographic activities, everything from photo-shoots through to my rambling thoughts on being an ex-pat Brit in the heart of the Hungarian Countryside.
  • Modern Architecture of the Selfridges store at the Bull Ring in Birmingham

Birmingham Photo Walk

January 19th, 2014|3 Comments

Myself and my wife spent a little time in the UK over the Christmas and New Year gap, it was a fairly frantic trip that took in the North East, North West and the Midlands.  It had been a long time since I had spent […]

  • The Eiffel Tower taken from the Champ de Mars

France with my Camera

December 11th, 2013|2 Comments

This Blog post is hardly timely but I found myself on a very rushed trip through France with my camera at the start if December and it really would be remiss of me not to share my pictures!

  • Day of the Dead, Halottak Napja

Day of the Dead – Halottak Napja

November 3rd, 2013|0 Comments

The day of the Dead or Halottak Napja is not the latest gruesome horror movie by George Romero, at least it isn’t in Hungary. Many cultures have some sort of ‘event’ at the end of October and have […]

Project 365

For me my 365 Project is an opportunity to play and do something a little different to the commercial type of photography that I usually do, so expect lots of bits and pieces that are a little different and I am sure that many will not work. But hopefully there will be a few gems and a year of learning beckons!